Airtech MEP

Why Airtech MEP

Airtech MEP takes construction to the next level by integrating multiple expertises into one manufactured module- for seamless installation. We provide one-stop comprehensive MEP services of our valued customers. Airtech MEP projects are one stop solution for the construction fundamentals into systematic, comprehensive and collaborated solution for effective operation. The integration between the diverse techniques and procedures in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing, MEP resolves the complexity and transforms into a synergy and success. From the start of any project, we understand the need to develop a building where the internal environment is balanced, providing comfortable spaces for occupants while keeping the running costs as low as possible. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, working with all members to ensure that all the systems are strategically integrated into the project. With leading experts in all aspects of building physics supported by state of the art building performance analysis tools sophisticated technology, we bring powerful thinking in any project. Working collaboratively, we will always pursue a sustainable solution exploring the use of the building’s location, orientation, shading and structural form to drive down the need for mechanical installations. Our sustainable, high-performance, low-energy solutions will be integrated into the very fabric of the building to create light and airy spaces for living and working. We bring leading edge thinking to projects in an approach that ensures compliance with local regulations and standards. From day one, we work to ensure that the electrical distribution requirements, standby generation, lighting, building security and integrated IT systems are robust, safe and cost effective in terms of product specification and long term running costs. With astute commercial understanding, we respond to the need for today’s buildings to be designed to meet as yet undefined future needs. This includes systems with flexibility, and enabling installations to be easily adapted for different uses as they arise in the years to come. Our whole life costing analysis of proposed systems is an invaluable service, empowering client and teams by providing up front thinking about operational costs. Typical integration includes combining ductworks, plumbing and piping systems, security, electrical conduits and medical gas ( in case of hospitals) etc. The integration of all combined building materials into the construction industry is the next logical step.